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Track your terminal berth performance in real-time

  For terminal operations, one of the key priorities are to service the vessel quickly, efficiently and improve the berth availability for additional vessel operations. This requires some advanced planning that would enable efficiency in berth performance thus would improve the vessel productivity by measuring some of the key areas that would support the improvements. Some […]

Oneview for Commercial Excellence

Empowering the commercial team with real-time information on the commercial performance of terminal is a necessity for any growing terminal. Terminal business is very dynamic which requires commercial strategies and decisions based on facts. If you have to look for facts from scratch from various business areas, you may miss the boats that brings cargo […]

How terminals could improve their gate productivity?

The primary objective of all terminals is to reduce the truck’s waiting time via smoothing the gate activities i.e. to prevent the gate from being a bottleneck. The time spent in waiting to enter the terminal is a consequence for the port/terminal performance. Introducing KPI’s that could be measured at every step of gate operation […]

BI tool prevents Ports and Terminals from Inventory blockage

Senior management understands that inventory is regarded as a ‘black hole’, absorbing cash and resources. With appropriate business intelligence, ‘black holes’ can be effectively addressed, and the company will realize a direct effect on bottom line profit. Some of the challenges faced:  To improve visibility of data that can help to identify inventory positions and […]

BI for Enterprise Asset Management

Ports and terminals around the world face the challenge of reducing equipment and labor costs, managing growth without large capital investments in land and berth space and developing new technology. Various managers need to make profitable decisions like accurately quantifying and locating assets for financial planning and procurement of replacement orders, maintenance contracts etc. Business […]

How BI helps in reducing unplanned downtime and manage asset safely?

Port Asset Management is becoming increasingly important, whether as a simple means of recording assets and maintenance works or as part of a larger scheme to fully optimise the management of all Port assets and resources. Enterprise Asset Management solution contains information regarding work order cost ,work order execution details , work order downtime.“Maintenance” is […]

OneView for Finance Excellence

‘OneView ‘ The Business Performance Management tool is now available with Finance Excellence module – to measure and visualize the day to day performance for management. It supports proactive measures which can be very useful in taking prompt action to mitigate probable incoming risks. This tool enables management to perform analysis at both strategic and […]

Oneview for Safety Excellence

For most terminals, safety is prime and major focus goes in ensuring safety of people and resources associated with ports and terminals. Not having an adequate safety increases the risk of incidents and can even jeopardize the business functioning itself. Our Safety Excellence is tool to measure all the safety events, incidents and keep the […]

Why Business Intelligence is relevant in the Ports and Terminals business

Container Terminals generate a lot of container movements related data through the Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) and this data is captured the TOS database. Each move of container is a cost for terminal however the TOS does not have information related to cost. Now, there are ERP systems like SAP, IFS, Microsoft Dynamics and many […]