Track your terminal berth performance in real-time

terminal berth performance


For terminal operations, one of the key priorities are to service the vessel quickly, efficiently and improve the berth availability for additional vessel operations.

This requires some advanced planning that would enable efficiency in berth performance thus would improve the vessel productivity by measuring some of the key areas that would support the improvements.

Some of the historical information from previous operations of similar vessel calls will be useful to create your own intelligence to reduce vessel waiting time.

With OneView ,  you can foresee any issues and take proactive measures to overcome the hurdles.

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berth performance

  • How many vessel arrived and how many discharged in current date?
  • How many containers have moved in last one hour?
  • No of lifts per vessel hour.
  • QC productivity of vessel in shift, day and total vessel
  • Line operator wise, freight kind and container size
  • Yard move analysis for the operating vessel

And many more data points that would require analysis

OneView, allows terminals to identify where the hold-ups are located and helps to effectively develop strategies to reduce delay and improve efficiency so that preventive and corrective action can be taken.

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