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Enabler is a Self-Service Business Intelligence that gives control to the users at every level to access data anywhere, anytime.

Enabler is a user driven framework that enables you to create Cubes, Dashboards, Charts, Reports on the fly in a simple and easy to use interface. Enabler is Web based and is readily accessible on any on your tablet or mobile device across platforms and devices.It’s a simple, low cost, effective solution to make sense of all your data needs.

Discover hidden insights in your data easily

Connect to any data source

Import data from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, popular business applications and in-house apps

Visual analysis

Create reports and dashboards, with an easy drag-and-drop interface. User different BI visualization tools, to drill down to specifics

Secure online collaboration

Share and collaborate reports with your colleagues privately, and reach a consensus quickly

Data blending

Combine data from different sources easily to create cross functional reports, and get more insight into your business

Powerful formula engine

Build formulae using an easy to use formula engine, offering extensive mathematical and statistical functions

Quick query

Self-Service Query Builder – gives you easy access to all of the insights your data can provide

Transform your business with powerful insights


Visualize and analyze data from across the organization on your dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making. Dashboards are web-based and mobile optimized, which enables users to access any data, anywhere.

  • Create unique and interactive dashboard from any data source with ‘point-and-click’ ease

  • Easily visualize your large dataset, meet your needs and predict/plan the future

  • Share your dashboards with people in your organization


Explore your data in a meaningful way when you want to analyze the information in-depth. Designed to allow non-technical users to choose from a number of pre-calculated items to uncover new insights and adjust tactics and decisions, on the fly.

  • Easily analyze and interact with data from all angles, See number from all angles

  • Share to keep your team on same page.

  • Add Multiple Tabs

Start visualizing your data today