How terminals could improve their gate productivity?

The primary objective of all terminals is to reduce the truck’s waiting time via smoothing the gate activities i.e. to prevent the gate from being a bottleneck. The time spent in waiting to enter the terminal is a consequence for the port/terminal performance.

Introducing KPI’s that could be measured at every step of gate operation with some good visualization of hidden data in the Terminal operating system is one way to improve gate productivity.

There are various steps that are followed in the gate operations and there could be bottlenecks at each level. Be it pre-gate, out-gate or yard-gate, if there are ways to measure them and analyses the reasons for delays, lots can be achieved by just taking some simple improvement steps based on such analysis.

Using a performance measurement tool that could plot trends from historic data hidden in the terminal operating systems with a peek to real-time operations at gate can produce the much required analysis and indicators.

The key to success in performance improvement is how much in real-time can these measurement be made available to people responsible for gate operation and if these measurements are simple to read and can give necessary alerts to those responsible to maintain smooth gate operation.

OneView”- The Business Performance Management will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of gate performance on a single screen and assist in creating controls and maintaining fluid gate operations.

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