OneView for Finance Excellence

‘OneView ‘ The Business Performance Management tool is now available with Finance Excellence module – to measure and visualize the day to day performance for management. It supports proactive measures which can be very useful in taking prompt action to mitigate probable incoming risks. This tool enables management to perform analysis at both strategic and operational levels.

How organizations could measure and improve their financial performance?

OneView will give you real time visualization of organizations financial performance in terms of absolute and relative performances. Also it shows trend analysis which helps in visualizing growth direction in which organization is moving. This tool helps to make your strategic and operative decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of financial performance on a single screen.

Gives all information on a single click

• Receivable Analysis on basis of Ageing and Credit Period.
• Cost Revenue analysis based on parameters like Sales Group, Product Group, Commodity etc
• Cash Flow Projections
• Actual Vs Budgeted Analysis on various parameters

And many more to measure your finance performance

Allows you to quickly create dashboards/ reports that analyse real-time business performance by business drivers without managing a chart of accounts with hundreds of segments.

“OneView” can provide the visibility and insight required to improve your performance. Thus, enabling the finance department to measure performance against desired target.