Oneview for Safety Excellence

For most terminals, safety is prime and major focus goes in ensuring safety of people and resources associated with ports and terminals. Not having an adequate safety increases the risk of incidents and can even jeopardize the business functioning itself.

Our Safety Excellence is tool to measure all the safety events, incidents and keep the organization through OneView and assist in creating controls that makes prevention possible.

How terminals could measure and improve safety performance?

OneView will give you the tool to make your decisions faster by giving a real-time visualization of safety performance on a single screen.

Gives all information on a single click

• Accidents measured with severity
• Different category types (Injury, Security, Spill, Equipment etc.)
• Various causes for accidents
• Site wise severity analysis

And many more to strengthen your safety process

Oneview can provide the visibility and insight needed to improve safety performance. Thus, enabling the safety officer to analyze accidents and make recommendations.

The resulting safety enhancements would reduce injuries and damage costs over the life of the equipment and improve reputation of the terminals.