Power Data @ your fingertips

Enabler is a Self-Service Business Intelligence that gives control to the users at every level to access data anywhere, anytime.

Enabler is a user driven framework that enables you to create Cubes, Dashboards, Charts, Reports on the fly in a simple and easy to use interface. Enabler is Web based and is readily accessible on any on your tablet or mobile device across platforms and devices.It’s a simple, low cost, effective solution to make sense of all your data needs.


Mobile ready cloud based platform


Dashboard designer to build your own beautiful dashboards


Smart visualization and hidden insights

Enabler.bi has been designed to give power to the end-user.

Explore simple and complex data with smart visualization. Allows to easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions.


Enabler.bi is designed to eliminate development. The customizations can be made by any user on the fly without the need of a development time or costs.

Enabler.bi has been designed in an easy excel like user interface and hence needs minimal training, thus reducing training costs.

Quick implementation

Enabler.bi can be quickly implemented in any organization. It can be Up & Running in 3 to 6 Weeks time.

Mobile ready

Enabler.bi , web based solution is not dependent on platforms or devices. Now you can truly have information at your fingertips wherever you desire. Access analytic anywhere, any-time, on any device.

Highly secure and Works with your data

Enabler.bi is based on a highly secure framework. You can easily share reports with your peers. Integrates seamlessly with ERPs, Enterprise Asset Management(EAM), Terminal Operating System (TOS) and several other data sources.

Drag and drop

Enabler.bi allows anyone to drag and drop to create personalized reports and dashboards, users at any level can get insight into data—no expert skills required.

Query builder

Enabler.bi allows user can create query from available data source for creating charts and reports.

Collect and Share

Collect and share your personalized dashboard and reports to keep your team on same page.

Great features that work on all stationary and mobile devices


Build interactive dashboard with no tech skills. Customize your dashboard lay out with drag-and –drop features.


Collaborating on the same report, sharing the same insights. Drill down to its underlying report to see the smallest details.


Create your own cubes to easily analyze and interact with data from all angles


 Instant access to dashboards and reports through an intuitive touch enabled browser, monitor and inspect business performance

Sample Dashboard Gallery

Finance Dashboard

Supply Chain Dashboard

Operations Dashboard

Engineering Dashboard

Human Resource Dashboard

Commercial Dashboard