What value does Commercial Business Intelligence brings in Ports and Terminals

With intense pressure on Margins and increasing competition, Commercial team needs to keep close watch on their numbers. Numbers need to be accurate and in real time. Numbers need to be available 24×7 and should be accessible from anywhere and on any device.  Numbers like Target Verses Actual, Year To Date Performance, Business Mix of Imports, Exports, Domestics and Transshipments are very close to heart to any Commercial Manager.


Commercial organizations in Ports and Terminals have moved beyond the spreadsheets and now rely more on analytic tools to get visibility on facts from historical and real-time processing of online data. Business Intelligence in commercial organization is important as it gives visibility on which direction the business is moving and when and what decisions to be taken.


Business Intelligence for commercials gives insights from multiple source of data in a single screen. While Commercial Dashboards provides a good visual representation of facts and help you stay connected with the numbers on a day to day basis, there are other tools like cubes and reports that helps you analyze data to the last level and assist you to drive change and improvement.


KPI can be driven on facts in real-time basis by linking Commercial BI with KPI Management, adding more consistency and accuracy in performance management.